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Formidable Forms is a flexible and free Word Press form plugin.Easily create contact forms, polls and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms, and any other forms you imagine.Start with a pre-built contact form template or create totally custom forms.From the smallest sidebar opt-in form to large job and employment application forms, Formidable Forms is built to do it all.Learn more about Formidable Forms at Formidable Create a professional Word Press contact form without any code.Get mobile-friendly responsive forms that look great on any screen size.Additionally, changing the form layout is simple with included layout classes.

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Create forms in seconds with pre-built form templates.Or add your own form templates and export the forms to share.A free contact form template is included when you install Formidable Forms.We also have a growing library of downloadable form templates.

Whether you start from scratch or from a form template, your forms can be customized however you would like.

Use the built-in visual form style generator to instantly customize the look and feel of your Word Press forms.

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