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Gloria James is dating a rapper named Da Real Lambo (which is probably not his given name).

"The last time this clown [Flo Rida] had a lil swagger in him is when I was on the label and he was stealing my sh*t," Lambo said. he also said Flo is a "clown" who "can't dress" -- and to make his point, he posted this pic (see below). The man engaged to Le Bron James' mother tells TMZ Sports ...he has a pretty cool relationship with the NBA star ...despite the fact they're only 3 years apart in age. So, we asked what it's like to date the mother of such a high profile celebrity -- and Lambo told us why it's "cool." Lambo also has a habit of publicly calling out high profile people who run with Le Bron -- people like Jay Z, Steph Curry and more.

We spoke with rapper Lambo -- who's been dating Gloria James for years. So, we asked if Bron has ever stepped in to shut him down. Lambo calls Gloria his "wife" -- but we're told they're only engaged at the moment and are working on a wedding date.

Many famous women have dated Le Bron James, and this list will give you more details about these lucky ladies.

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    The man engaged to LeBron James' mother tells TMZ Sports. he has a pretty cool relationship with the NBA star. despite the fact they're only 3 years.…