Latest antivir not updating

Avira is a powerful, advanced and full-featured security program which provides you comprehensive protection against a vast array of Internet threats, such as spyware, virus, malware, rootkit, backdoor, and many others If you want to keep your machine virus free or to secure yourself against data theft or hacker attacks, you should always keep your Avira security software solution up to date.The definitions files used by Avira are updated several times a day, offering Avira software the capability to fully protect your computer against the newest threats.If your machine doesn't have access to an active Internet connection, you can perform an offline database update for your Avira security solution by downloading and manually install the VDF file.This file also includes the detection patterns used by Avira Antivirus engine. The error message should refer to the file which failed the check, but instead of a filename there's only a space character. Anyway, I've just updated Avira Rescue System on my custom UBCD5.03, using the Windows CMD file. The Rescue System won't boot however, it shuts down with a "Self-Check failed" message.

I've tried to manually find the source of the problem and went on and byte-by-byte compared the contents of the original ISO with the updated files in UBCD.I've found files in the UBCD "antivir" directory that are not in the original ISO.The combined filesize was something about 30 MB, which is quite substantial when trying to fit UBCD some addons on a standard CD or smaller medium.I've deleted the additional files and copied some additional files from the original ISO which were missing/outdated in UBCD, but the rescue system still won't boot.

Questions:1) is this a known problem, and is there a way of fixing it?

2) could you update the Avira update script for future UBCD versions to take care of the superfluous files? I mean, describe in details the whole process, from downloading ubcd503.iso, checking its MD5 value, expanding the ISO image, how exactly (step-by-step) you made the customization, and then continue with the re-mastering of your customized ubcd, finishing with the burned CD.