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Hi, really simple question here hopefully: I'm trying to install KDE 4 on Ubuntu 8.10 - looks like the way you're supposed to do that is through the kubuntu-desktop meta package, but when I try that, it conflicts with displayconfig-gtk and guidance-backends - I don't want to lose my nice automatic monitor set-up & detection under Gnome... The latest version is 1.4.8 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Please help Amarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. I have a DVD with both UDF and ISO sets (the new Wrath of the Litch King Expansion for World of Warcraft). can't get the whole clock to display in the task bar. Doesn't matter how many other plasmoids I add or remove the clock simply won't portion itself enough space.

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I thought flashplugin-nonfree just fetched whatever the current one on adobe's site was ...seeing as it doesn't actually include anything but a script to download it.I have a kopete chat window on desktop 4, and get a system tray alert of a new message on desktop 1.When I click the notification, the window is moved to desktop 1.