Dating wednesday pity

Katy Perry feels bad for the sap who got duped into thinking he was dating her for 6 years -- but the way she reached out to him might rub a lot of people the wrong way.Katy was on Sirius XM's "The Morning Mash Up" and the hosts asked her about last week's 'Catfish' episode ...where a guy from Tennessee thought he'd had an online relationship with Katy.Check out the clip -- no doubt, Katy has compassion for him. It's just that the California gurl kinda sorta took a shot at folks in the middle of the country, and their access to pop culture. In case you missed it, today, February 15, is Singles Awareness Day.This is a special day upon which we raise awareness for single people, designed to be celebrated by bitterly tweeting about being alone, laughing at ‘at least I’m not getting cheated on’ memes, and sobbing into a plate of nachos.

I know I got set up by an octopus, but I’m fine, I promise). Cool.’ It’s no coincidence that Singles Awareness Day spells SAD, people. I can order absurd amounts of food and not have to share it with anyone.The concept of being single is not something that needs awareness-raising because contrary to popular belief, it is not an infectious disease or terminal illness. It’s a declaration of: ‘Aww, we know you’re still single. I am entirely fine being single, and I don’t need a day to celebrate it. I never have to worry about upsetting someone because I forgot to reply to a text or haven’t said ‘I love you’ enough.While I may moan about dying alone (because it’s funny), I really, really am okay being single. When I really want to try a new restaurant but it’s too romantic to go alone, for example. Or when it’s my birthday (13 February, if you’re wondering. I’m free to get on with my life and do things that I enjoy. I can do romantic stuff by myself, and it’s brilliant.This week’s been tough) and I’d quite like another present. The last thing I need is a tonne of pity the day after I’ve had my singleness rubbed in my face by card companies, emails from takeaway restaurants, and social media. I can enjoy all of these things every single day, whenever the f*** I want.

So no, I don’t need a special day to talk about how single I am, slap an ‘I don’t need a man’ quote up on Instagram, and buy myself a box of chocolates.

Because it’s really just another day to draw attention to the label of singleness, uphold stereotypes about crying cat ladies and despair, and engage in intense single pity from happy couples.