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By now, you and your child are old hands at the playdate game. By keeping some guidelines in mind, you can help ensure that bruised feelings, dangerous dares, and playdate putdowns don't mar your grade-schooler's get-togethers. At this age, kids are starting to plan the time they spend together at school – who they'll eat lunch with, for instance, and who they'll meet up with during recess.

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If the idea of several children tearing through your house makes you shudder, arrange to meet at a local playground or park. An hour is fine for a first visit, and two hours is plenty for after-school get-togethers, says Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, teacher Lisa Church, the author of Wait until the kids are seasoned pals before you attempt longer weekend visits or sleepovers. Because your guest will probably have a snack or two during the playdate, be sure to ask her parents about any potential food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences: Is she allergic to peanuts? Let your guest's parents as well as your own child know about this no-screen policy ahead of time.That way, the playmate won't show up expecting a private viewing of a new show your child's been talking about. As kids get older and more adventurous (especially when egged on by a peer they're desperate to impress), you may need to clearly limit the scope of their play area.You may want to tell them that playing in the backyard is fine, for example, but no shooting hoops in the driveway unless you're there to watch.While you don't want to hover too much around kids this age, it's important to know where they are at all times and look in on them regularly. Do your best to distract younger children when an older sibling has a friend over (better yet, pair a younger child with his own playmate).