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In a world where the average new car costs about $35,000 that means your down payment is between $3,500 and $7,000. Many experts would say a sizable down payment is between 10% and 20%, or more.Now, you have to ask yourself why are you putting money down.The answer to the size of down payment question depends on three factors: 1.

Are you better off making money on your money in the stock market, with a CD, or some other financial vehicle? Even with an umbrella, we all get wet at some point.The point here is this, if the bank is giving you free money (interest free), why not take it?Here’s some examples: You do the math and decide if you want to stay liquid or make a marginal change in your monthly payment.However, if you are someone with less than perfect credit the math works out differently.

Let’s say you have a high interest rate loan @ 12%.

Here’s how the math works (all payments are based on a 60 month loan) So, what should you take from all of this math?

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