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The mutual distrust shown in the time of Photius erupted again in the middle of the 11th century after papal enforcement of Latin customs upon Greeks in southern Italy.The patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Cerularius, closed Latin churches in Constantinople as a reprisal.…Byzantine church to the Roman may be described as one of growing estrangement from the 5th to the 11th century.In the early church three bishops stood forth prominently, principally from the political eminence of the cities in which they ruled—the bishops of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch.The transfer of the seat of empire from Rome to Constantinople and the later eclipse of Alexandria and Antioch as battlegrounds of Islam and Christianity promoted the importance of Constantinople.Concurrently, the theological calmness of the West, in contrast to the often violent theological disputes that troubled the Eastern patriarchates, strengthened the position of the Roman popes, who made increasing claims to preeminence.But this preeminence, or rather the Roman idea of what was involved in it, was never acknowledged in the East.

Political jealousies and interests intensified the disputes, and, at last, after many premonitory symptoms, the final break came in 1054, when Pope Leo IX struck at Michael Cerularius and his followers with an excommunication and the patriarch retaliated with a similar excommunication.

There had been mutual excommunications before, but they had not resulted in permanent schisms.

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    A divorced Catholic who is now civilly remarried outside the Catholic Church and wishes to have his/her union validated; A divorced Catholic who would like to remarry; A divorced non-Catholic who is now civilly remarried outside the Catholic Church to a Catholic; A divorced non-Catholic who would like to marry a Catholic.…