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Plenty of single people would love to have the chance to take out their favorite celebrity crush, but when stars like Selena Gomez, Beyoncé and Ryan Reynolds are all accounted for, it might be a bit difficult.Though, if you just want to date someone who looks a lot like them, you're in luck because there's an app for that.SPEAKING OF: Cheers to Selena Gomez as she celebrates her birthday Badoo is a dating application that has a look-alike feature that will sort its 350 million users across the world to find people who resemble your choice of celebrity.The Bumble partner will not only use its face sorting feature on celebs, but anyone you have a photo of.Even Donald Trump comes up with some 750-plus look-alikes on the dating app's website - many who are mostly old and - ironically - bald men. NIFTY APP HELP: Company launches contraception delivery mobile app The search results from these celebrity look-alikes are hit and miss.While there are some features that match up, not every match looks exactly like the celebrity desired. For example, if you search for Jake Gyllenhaal look-alikes, you're going to get a lot of guys with grown-in beards and full heads of hair. 71 - Helderberg, Cape Town Looking forward to build a loving and long lasting relation That's a difficult one, I think I'm reasonably easy to get along with, haven't got serious hang ups and my aim...

You may then take an extra 26 weeks' additional maternity leave, giving you a year's leave in total.If you take a year off, you'll have taken your full statutory maternity leave.You have the right to maternity leave regardless of how long you've been in your job, how many hours you work, or how much you're paid.To claim this entitlement, you must give your employer the correct notice.

Even if you don't decide to take all of the maternity leave you're entitled to, you will have to take two weeks of leave after your baby is born.

If you work in a factory you must take an extra two weeks' compulsory leave, so you'll be off work for a month.

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