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Its erotic scenes are amalgams of a number of my favorite elements I’ve put in other stories (like the story on which the poem I just published a couple days before this is based)—between two new characters, who comprise a very young married lesbian couple. Birds and squirrels mingled in fully bloomed trees waving in the wind. It was green as could be in dozens of suburban neighborhoods throughout town, including that which Sequoia Avenue called home. The crystal blue sky was dotted by only very few cloudlets.1124 Sequoia was the residence of Barbara and Josie Greer, two elatedly wedded wives in their mid-20s.The Greers held hands, adjourning to their backyard.Barbara’s other hand toted their tablecloth, Josie’s the basket.They perched at the picnic table and got brunch started.

Both Barb and Josie had one unique, common trait passed down by their folks.Even as kids, they were viewed as just a bit more responsible and mature than their peers, wired like grown women already during childhood.They were always good girls, diligent in their schoolwork and chores.Today they remained both intelligent and well-read.

But this certainly didn’t mean they did not enjoy having fun.

They got playfully creative in courtship and flirting.