Algerian men dating

In Algeria, as in all Arab countries, society revolves around religion and the religious customs of Islam.Marriage in Algeria is taken very seriously and is considered by most as a sign of maturity.According to the Qur'an, marriage must be based upon love.Algeria's wedding customs amongst those following the Muslim religion are much the same as in other practicing Muslim communities.Algerian men and women are free to marry whomever they wish as long as the marriage partner is approved by the family.Parents have a more realistic view and can give their children practical guidance in selecting the appropriate marriage mate.Typically a man will express his love for a woman to his mother who will in turn "investigate" the family of the woman as to suitability.If she is approved the family will approached the woman's family to propose the union.

Much preparation takes place from the time of engagement.The family will begin purchasing clothing, household goods, wool and gold. The couple will spend time together getting to know each other well, sharing opinions and preparing a home.In Islamic culture, husbands and wives are to make mutual decisions and have equal claims in the marriage, it is therefore vital that the couple know each other well and recognize the roles they will take on before marriage.Algerians believe that the more money that is spent on the wedding, the more proud the family can be.