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If you have any major concerns I would talk to your lawyer about it.You didn't say if he chose to leave you or you left him.But I certain wouldnt medal too much in your ex's relationship.If you left him of course the answer is you got rid of him because you apparently didn't agree with his decision making so you really get no say so now.That's the trouble with divorce or never marrying; you can't control what your child is exposed to in someone else's house, yet you can't keep them away, either.

I am both an ex-wife and married to a man who has ex-wives, and I've been in this other woman's shoes, except I am not 16 years younger than my now-husband.Having been on the other side of this equation ( his ex-wife trying to control with whom her ex can have a relationship and who he can bring around her kids)I find it disturbing that you are assuming he should follow some rule you've decided should be set about dating.Be happy (or act it) when your son tells you stories of his time with his dad.girlfriend.it's not easy seeing you ex with such a young lady...

I hope that you can trust your ex to take good care of your son.

It may seem hard thing to get passed, but isn't the most important thing that your children and ex are safe and happy.